ESO Witches Festival Guide

Here’s a quick guide for those folks getting ready for the ESO Witches Festival Guide released today on PC and running until the end of the month. Thanks for watching!

I tried this mission in Craglorn and it doesn’t seem to register the essence for any boss kill (cleared three delves so far). Not sure if it relates to not having One Tamerial on PS4 or it’s just been omitted. I actually feel a bit sad for Craglorn geting balanced. The place has a really steep learning curve solo. Another pve zone as difficult as Craglorn/IC would be a nice end game addition.

This is a step in the right direction for the game. World of Warcraft mastered calendar events years ago to keep the game interesting and new, this is something they need to do a lot more of in ESO to keep you coming back.

Not even mentioning that you can get the skulls from dungeons bosses, public dungeon bosses, dolmen bosses and group bosses as well i think.It is worth mentioning that it is not only delve bosses that drop that box, but any monster bosses – including world bosses and dungeon bosses.


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