Cyrodiil Improvement Suggestion: Increase Keep Durability (Includes Specific ESO Examples)

Though I really enjoy Cyrodiil, I feel that sieges are currently far too short. Often a keep will get attacked, I’ll start riding there posthaste, but before I’m even halfway there it’s already been conquered. The political map of Cyrodiil is almost epilepsy inducing.

I suggest the following changes to siege warfare:

Cyrodiil Improvement Suggestion: Increase Keep Durability (Includes Specific Examples)

– Increase Wall/Gate Hit Points

Without anyone repairing them, they should resist a full barrage for at least ten minutes. Augment repair mechanics to a point where that time can be increased to 20 minutes. Keeping in mind that a successful sally, hindering the attacker’s efforts by destroying their siege equipment, will allow the walls to survive longer.

– Allow Travel to Besieged Keeps

It seems unfair that the attacker can spawn and respawn very close to the keep by the use of forward camps, but the defenders have a five minute ride ahead of them, which might very well end in being picked off before they reach the keep again. Forward camps do not work as well for defenders because “Too close to an existing graveyard”.

I suggest making travel to besieged keeps possible as long as there is no breach yet. Maybe not to the keep itself, but to the entrance of a tunnel that takes one minute to run through and leads to the keep’s interior.

– Allow Resurrection Within Besieged Keeps

For the same reasons stated above, as long as there is not yet a breach, allow defenders to resurrect within their keep. Maybe add a resurrection timer or a short term debuff that gets worse every time you die and resurrect within that keep.

– Make Freshly Conquered Keeps Invulnerable for a Short Period

To allow the new owners to enjoy their victory and reorganize themselves, make keeps invulnerable for 30 minutes after they’ve been conquered.

– Introduce Purchasable Upgrades

All Improvements listed above could be introduced in the form of keep upgrades, purchasable by use of Alliance Points. This is the main reason for the invulnerability period suggestion. They could be cheaper if all three resources are held by the keep’s owner.

Cyrodiil Improvement Suggestion: Increase Keep Durability (Includes Specific Examples)
It is my perception that stronger, more durable keeps will lead to the following improvements to the Cyrodiil experience:

– The incentive for guilds to conquer, own and defend a keep increases
– Sieges will become rarer and require more planning, but will feel more special
– With stable front lines, open world skirmishes and battles for outposts and resources will become more meaningful
– A general improvement to ambiance

Yes, fixing current issues should come first. I’m thinking in terms of upcoming content patches, maybe the next but one.


When I enter Elder Scrolls Online everything loads so much faster

After about 3-4 hours of downloading the patch yesterday afternoon I finally got a chance to spend some time in Tamriel again.

The first thing I noticed as I logged in was that things ‘felt’ a tad bit smoother in terms of animations and running around. It could just be my imagination, but that was something that stuck out as I was playing. I can still feel that run speed has not changed however as my Magicka Templar still moves like a snail.

Everything loads so much faster when I enter capital cities and the like. I don’t have to wait for minutes on end to see everyone and begin using crafting tables in Deshaan it’s a great feeling.

I LOVE costume dying, it definitely provides a lot of entertainment in terms of customizing your hero/heroine


It was so great to change my Templar from a Nord to a High Elf. The cost did not raise any issues with me although I had a number of crowns waiting to be used.
I love that we now have this opportunity along with the name change, although that was not something I needed to do.

When I enter Elder Scrolls Online everything loads so much faster

I only tried Cradle of Shadows and I attempted Normal solo just to take in the atmosphere and got stopped at the assassin dude as I’m not sure it’s possible to get past his stun by yourself. Later on that night I did it with a group and although we blasted through it, I enjoyed it. Will try Vet and the other dungeon at a later date

Speaking of groups, the group finder ‘functions’ a bit more consistently now from what I can see. I feel like the time it takes to form said group is still a bit on the long side as during Thieves Guild healer queues were near instantaneous. Maybe it is an issue with more people needing to use it as I’m sure a ton of people stopped during the DB era, I know I did.

Last but not least, I absolutely love the addition of text chat. I went to wrothgar and did a few dailies with a group all stemming from someone typing in /zone that they needed help on the ogre boss. I joined his group asked him to share and we were off. I definitely think things like this could benefit from some kind of in-game pop up help tutorial as I’m sure the majority of players will have no idea it exists if not informed by a more knowledgeable friend. I had a returning friend play with me for half an hour and he didn’t know there was combat text now.

All in all I really enjoyed the first day post patch. Thank you ZOS.