This is a plea in Elder Scrolls Online on behalf of every console gamer

This is a plea on behalf of every console gamer in ESO. We need help, and need it now. DLC after DLC we get bug after bug, with little or no fixes or temporary work arounds that occasionally work. Sadly, it looks like we’re going to get more next week based on our sneak peak from pc. It’s like a damage over time effect that just keeps stacking and stacking.

Orsinium DLC:
Guild Roster UI resets to top every time someone logins of logs out. Utterly impossible to use and manage a guild. This is where the roster went from pages to a scrolling list. No response what so ever from Zenimax.

Wrothgar crashes. Expect to be dashboarded when trying to get to this area and a few more times wherever your going within.

TG DLC: no fixes to the above and my memory slips me as to which bug came where.

Dark brotherhood: The straw that broke the camels back for a lot of console gamers. Load screen central. Invisible enemy’s, broken COH, and my personal favorite the crash loop. With responses from Zenimax like “don’t go to that area” “if your stuck in wrothgar, we can move you.. Only once” “try deleting all your quests”. The crash loop was somewhat fixed but the load prioritization is still broken.

Incremental patch: nothing above fixed, the birth of the audio bug. All chats including XBL party are broken. Every load screen to every leisurely stroll down the streets of wayrest, comms drop. To fix it you have to begin the tiresome process of unplugging your headset and then plugging it back in over and over, usually during the heat of battle. The latest zenimax response “link to Xbox sound troubleshoot page”. What’s the purpose of an mmo if you can’t communicate?

These are ongoing issues that imo are game breaking for consoles. It does not even include the countless skill, pvp, art, or mechanic bugs that each dlc brought, things we can over look.

Being outside the master race when it comes to gaming, we are not used to this. We demand quality performance because it’s all we’ve ever known from games.

I urge zenimax to take a hard look at the state of the game on consoles for the fear that it’s player base will disappear entirely from repeatably being passed off and ignored… which will ultimately lead the to end of this game.